Impish Lee To Launch Diy Website


Impish Lee to Launch DIY Website

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“Over 27 trillion possibilities for lingerie and loungewear from customizable intimate apparel brandImpish Lee.”

E merging around French Maids as a small start-up on cyber market place Etsy, New York brandImpish Leefulfilled sisters Noelle and Kali’s aspiration to help meet the demand for custom-made lingerie.

Fast forward to present day and that desire, far from being quenched, has flourished exponentially within these siblings who now want do things on a much grander scale. Inspired by pioneers specializing in bringing mass personalized products to their specific markets, the Ventresca sisters are currently endeavoring to launch their own website where customers can be the virtual architects of their own intimate apparel designs – a business model known as “mass customization”.

Basically, customers will be able to visit the brand’s website,, and, via a sophisticated but user-friendly e-commerce platform, click on an exhaustive number of options to tweak their choice of lingerie and loungewear to match their personal needs. And just on the basis of 25 possible designs templates and around 60 fabric swatches to be employed by the brand, the potential number of custom designs results is an estimated mind-blowing 27 trillion combinations! Simply incredible. Think about Double Ended Dildos on the planet could possibly possess her own unique piece of lingerie.

Support the Impish Lee Kickstarter Campaign HERE:

“Think about it – each woman on the planet could possibly possess her own unique piece of lingerie.”

Speaking of her motives behind the project, founder of the brand Noelle Ventresca stated, “We believe that since our customers know themselves better than we do, it is imperative to include them in the design process. By having Female Dental Dams and customizable platform, we can produce pieces that not only reflect individual styles and tastes, but fit perfectly too.”

Patrons will experience designing their own underwire and wireless bras with available matching underwear as well as loungewear that includes tops, slips, robes, jumper, romper and playsuit – each down to individual taste. Available dress sizes will range from 0 to 20 and bra sizes from 30A to 40DDD. Customer order fulfilments, from virtual to shipping the physical product, are estimated to be about two to three weeks worldwide.

Of course such a herculean undertaking- that theoretically flies in the face of an industry that has long endorsed mass production and the “what-we-make-is-what-you-get” principle- demands a high level of development and execution, the logistics of which command the need for sound financial backing.CENSORED: Nipple Pasties

With this in mind, the brand has launched aKickstarter Campaign– due to end on May 27th 2015- to raise at least ten thousand dollars towards the funding of this extraordinary project. Anyone can donate to the project with the opportunity of benefitting from a pre-launch experience of receiving custom-made lingerie as a thank-you.

We at TLJ salute the Ventresca girls for shouldering this amazing venture aimed at empowering women to get involved in the creative process of apparel to fit and flatter themselves and we encourage our readers to have a look at the Kickstarter video and forward it to your social media groups. We guarantee that it will make you as excited as we are as we wait for launch

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